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Q: Our directors have decided that our logo looks a bit dated, can you come up with some new ideas (different colours and typefaces) to hand round at the next shareholders meeting so we can get some feedback?

A: As simple request it seems. However…

Logo design by committee never, ever, ever, ever EVER works in our experience. Just don’t do it. Don’t EVER do it.

The problem is that everyone has an opinion and, although you want to be inclusive or democratic, that approach will never work when it comes to corporate identity. The most successful logos are the most distinctive – if you try and make everyone happy you will end up with either a very confused design or a very bland design. A logo should say something about your business and I’m guessing neither of those are characteristics that you’ll want your business to be associated with.

Here’s what you do. Formulate a brief. Tell us what you do and don’t like about the logo. Tell us who your customers are and how your  logo will be used mostly. We will then do a little research and come up with a few ideas – one to two of those will hopefully appeal and we can then do some more work. Then we will end up with a logo that you can present the shareholders as a fait accompli (French for unless you have any major objections, this is what we’re going with).

That way, you’ll have one or two more up your sleeve if you need to rethink!

(If you are wondering about the photo – it’s for the SHARE SHEAR holders…)

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