One in our series of questions and answers regarding design and promotion


Q: I am starting a gardening business and want lots of leaflets to put through doors . I will just put my mobile number on it for now as I haven’t set up a website yet. What other information should I put on the leaflets?


A: Well the question should perhaps be “What information don’t I need?” It’s very easy to include too much information which will make your leaflet about as interesting as ….. watching grass grow.

You don’t need your postal address on leaflets, although if you want to concentrate on attracting local customers it’s often a good idea to let them know what area you cover.

You don’t need a complete list of every service you do. Many gardening services will be a given, so by all means include popular things, but try think about what sets you aside from other gardening business – maybe it’s your qualifications, or perhaps you have a particular specialism, such as vegetable gardens.

Finally, to answer your actual question, I would suggest you do include:

A logo. It wants to be easy on the eye and have some kind of garden reference such as, I don’t know, er, perhaps, a flower!

In large text “Garden Services” at the top

Use a photograph of a garden or flowers if you can

Bullet points of what services you offer (see above)

Finish off with a big clear contact number and something along the lines of  “call (your name) for a free friendly chat about your garden”



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