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One in our Question and Answer series

Q: My company is going to have a stand at a big international trade show so want to produce brochures to hand out. Would you recommend  folders with loose information sheets or booklets?

A: Well folders/inserts are a very popular product for this scenario and for good reason. They can provide a very flexible vehicle for giving specific information to potential customers. If you have multiple services or products, you can tailor the folder to the customer or at least to the market sector. The other advantage of this is that if you change a product or service, you don’t have to reprint the whole brochure again – just a single sheet. The down side is that you have to hold quite a lot of stock, you have to possibly mess about stuffing sheets into folders, and folders themselves can be relatively expensive compare to a printed booklet.

With a booklet you have everything in one place and there’s no risk of sheets dropping out and getting lost as they’re stapled in! They can be relatively inexpensive compared to a folder – particularly when it comes to shorter print runs. And that can be a very important point if the item is just for one or two shows.
It’s a question of horses for courses (or International Trade Shows).
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