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become famous locally

Save on getting noticed


A band of supporters await your next move

Your community getting back in the groove

This time with a twist, now choosing to shop

with those locally found, their preferred stop

‘Support local’, they chant. So now up to you!

Be just what they need, front of the queue

With pride in your work, new-found loyalty to repay

Serve them well, bring them back, more every day

Shopkeepers, makers, hospitality and the trade

Neighbourhood businesses, it’s time to parade

Your audience is listening, stand up tall, raise a hand

Take action, demand attention, shine light on your brand

Blow hard on your trumpet, get praise sung vocally

Be the talk of the town – Become famous locally.

Take advantage of our print, fabric, signage and gift deals to help
your business become the place to go this year.