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Marlow Ropes



Produce technical illustrations and instructions for customers to refer to when splicing and knotting Marlow’s specialist sailing ropes. Bound into an A5 booklet

Marlow Ropes are a UK company and leading manufacturers of ropes used in sailing, and many industries

This was a complex task. Videos were studied, alongside existing drawings, the client’s hand drawn instructions, whilst taking full notes. Every type of rope demands a different technique when splicing. We explored different ways to present the information and a variety of production methods for manufacturing the booklet.

A clear, modern branded, A5 booklet was produced that the client sells at trade shows and online.  It is also used as an educational tool.

Experience Holidays – 2



Produce a lightweight, large versatile backdrop that can be used in a variety of situations

Experience Holidays are independent travel consultants who specialise in arranging bespoke travel itineraries to destinations such as Alaska, Africa, New Zealand, Canada, USA and the Far East

We applied spectacular photography and subtly incorporated the company’s branding into a lightweight large display, app 2m x 4m.

We utilised a lightweight tubular system over which a full colour printed fabric can be stretched. A great thing about this system is that both sides can be viewed, so that none of the construction is viewed from behind, unlike pop up systems.

Arlington Bluebell Walk






We were asked to design a logo to be used on all promotional materials, website and signage. 

Arlington Bluebell Walk opens to the public during April and May every year and helps raise money for many local charities.


We agreed on a medallion format for the logo which would also be used on stickers and branded items for sale. Josie drew some simple bluebells and Jim worked them up into the logo design.

One of the trickier tasks of the project was to redraw the route map, which is quite complex, having several different route options.

Once the logo and branding was completed, we also designed and printed promotional and information leaflets and arranged some large format signage and banners. 

Great imagination with attention to detail and good use of colour, highlights the unique publications that Hailsham Creative design for us year on year


John McCutchan

Owner, Arlington Bluebell Walk

Experience Holidays




Experience Holidays asked us to look at the newsletter they send out every year to valued customers, with a mind to make it more appealing. 

Experience Holidays are a wholly independently owned and run holiday company based in Hailsham in East Sussex. 

Their mission statement is quite simply to help you to have the best possible holiday, not only to meet your expectations, but to exceed them. To find the best itinerary for you, to act at all times with honesty and integrity and to send you on a tailor made holiday that they are proud to have arranged.


The previous design was text and information heavy, so we advised them to make more of the wonderful photographs they get. 

Like all the best clients, Experience Holidays took our suggestions on board and we’ve now featured wonderful locations from all over the globe ina stylish landscape A5 glossy brochure.

We also provide them with leaflets, high quality stationery, folders and exhibition material.

Jim has looked after our printing and design needs for a number of years, and never fails to come up with creative and inspired ideas for us. He takes time to understand our business, and we’re always delighted with the end product.
Angie Watson

Experience Holidays