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Moss by Josie Tipler

Time to re-charge

A well earned wellbeing day


We are taking a day out of the office today.

Keeping our business going and moving in a new direction over the past few months has been exciting and challenging. We have stretched the capacity of our grey cells to their utmost as we have learned new skills. To fit everything into the days, including work as well as growing veg, taking daily exercise and keeping up with our musical career,  we’ve been waking with the lark.

What we have achieved has made us extremely proud – the SupportWealden.co.uk site is helping local businesses, we have met with new and existing clients both virtually and socially-distanced, we have several new websites under our belts and have kept busy with branding, identity, design and print jobs.

The music in our lives (see MiltonHide.com) has kept us sane – don’t ever underestimate the power of music – but we need a simple day out, away from the home office and the ‘phone. New sights instead of websites and fresh air  instead of the office fan. To that end we’re closing the office today and heading off to get lost in a forest.

We’ll be back, refreshed and recharged next week.