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When should printing techniques and constraints get in the way of creativity? 

Well, the answer is probably never, but it is important to evaluate every project. 

Pretty much anything is achievable with the vast array of printing and imaging technology at our fingertips today, added to ‘traditional’ printing techniques. From beautiful deep, rich blues and turquoises, weird laminating and foiled finishes, embossing, debossing, specialist papers, etc, etc.

You can arguably justify spending a fortune on printing a beautiful product brochure for luxury, bespoke, hand-built kitchens, whereas a flatpack, decent quality kitchen company might be wasting money if they distributed anything other than a good quality A4 leaflet.

The temptation for some designers is to sell in the highest spec option in order to get a really sexy print job out of it and it can be completely  inappropriate. With all the years we have spent in the marketing industry, we have got quite good at talking people out of wasting their marketing budget. We are not afraid of suggesting a client go’s for the higher spec if they happen to be that supplier of luxury, bespoke, hand-built kitchens however.

The clever (creative) bit is choosing when to suggest something extra.

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