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  • That time of year again
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    That time of year again


    There, we said it. And it had to be said.
    Autumn is the time you need to start thinking about Christmas and New Year promotions, Christmas cards, and maybe a ‘Thank You’ for your clients.

    We are full of good ideas, so if you’re struggling, get in touch. If you know exactly what you want, ask us for a quote.

    That’s it, short and sweet.
    Remember we are still around, even if we’re no longer in the Old Courthouse. If you want to meet up, we can always come into town.

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  • Festival Publicity
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    Festival Publicity

    Our dreams of running our own festival started to come true when we were successful in a bid for lottery funding in 2017. Summer Trifle was born. A 2 week mini arts festival in our own grounds in Wilmington, East Sussex, which we repeated in August 2018.

    Part of the bid was for publicity, something we know to be a major part of any event, having been involved in the Hailsham Festival of Arts and Culture for many years. To attract sufficient numbers of visitors, you need to get the word out about your event. We designed and printed fliers, posters, leaflets, maps and programmes and created advertisements for various printed and digital publications and social media campaigns. Having learned lessons about our audience (here comes that word…) demographic in 2017, we were able to target our advertising more effectively. By far the most successful piece of the advertising campaign was the printed programme.

    Our festival programmes (folded leaflets) are distributed widely to all sorts of different venues: galleries, shops, music venues, pubs, Tourist Information Centres, libraries, campsites, local attractions, hotels, cafes, waiting rooms and fast food outlets. They either go on display on tables or in leaflet dispensers, often alongside many other brochures and leaflets, so the important elements need to be eye catching and visible. 


      • One third A4 size is a good standard size which fits into most dispensers and doesn’t slip down behind other leaflets. Ours are A3 double sided, folded to 1/3 A4.
      • A really distinctive cover image draws the eye and increases the chance of your leaflet being picked up.
      • Consistency in colour and style in all of your publicity helps to build your brand, making your event easily recognisable and memorable.

    Look out for Summer Trifle in August 2019!



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