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During the pandemic lockdown, while so many businesses were struggling to operate and people were struggling to find which business were open and when, we decided to create a new resource. This was a free website listing any businesses, organisations or charities in the Wealden area.

The site had to look clear, attractive and have filterable links for the different headings of business making navigation easy.

Well, that’s us basically as we set the site up, but the users and those listed are the main clients –  businesses, organisations or charities in the Wealden area that needed to let potential customers know their new operating hours or share news and offers; anybody in the Wealden area searching for where to buy bread flour or get an urgent plumbing repair; charities that were suffering from the inability to fund raise – we set up a ‘Donate your commute’ page encouraging those who were furloughed or working from home to give a little of the travel money saved to a local charity.

The site changed and evolved over the months as we gathered many listings on there. We adapted the site to make an area for advertising or featured listings and created a more attractive landing page for a more pleasant user experience.

In early 2023 we shut the site down as it was no longer needed.

A well used resource for Wealden, it also linked to a Facebook group and an Instagram page, and lead to us runing a monthly Midweek Wealden online ‘show’ featuring local businesses and musicians (combining our 2 loves). Visit the youtube channel: Youtube Midweek Wealden

Experience Holidays




Experience Holidays asked us to look at the newsletter they send out every year to valued customers, with a mind to make it more appealing. 

Experience Holidays are a wholly independently owned and run holiday company based in Hailsham in East Sussex. 

Their mission statement is quite simply to help you to have the best possible holiday, not only to meet your expectations, but to exceed them. To find the best itinerary for you, to act at all times with honesty and integrity and to send you on a tailor made holiday that they are proud to have arranged.


The previous design was text and information heavy, so we advised them to make more of the wonderful photographs they get. 

Like all the best clients, Experience Holidays took our suggestions on board and we’ve now featured wonderful locations from all over the globe ina stylish landscape A5 glossy brochure.

We also provide them with leaflets, high quality stationery, folders and exhibition material.

Jim has looked after our printing and design needs for a number of years, and never fails to come up with creative and inspired ideas for us. He takes time to understand our business, and we’re always delighted with the end product.
Angie Watson

Experience Holidays

America Ground




The client wanted something that suggested they had been around for a long time – like Levi Strauss. 

The America Ground, named after a part of the Hastings foreshore which settlers declared independent in the early 1800’s, was a business that imported classic American Retro products.

Clothing wholesalers based in Hastings.

Prison Blues Jeans from Pendleton Oregon and Pointer Brand Clothing from Bristol Tennessee. European Distributors for Prison Blues Jeans.

We played on the idea that a well known photograph might be based upon a much earlier wood-engraved image.

We sketched out the idea and commissioned an illustrator to realise it. The hand drawn illustration then had to be scanned and heavily edited to ensure clarity of reproduction at all sizes.

Once the logo was approved, we then designed and printed a sales brochure, folder and stationery.

America Ground logo