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Austin Wright website

Austin Wright website

The brief for this website was nice and clear. Mark already had the beginnings of a site and needed to rebrand to a smarter, cleaner look. Keywords for the brief were ‘modern’ and ‘contemporary’. The site needed to portray a professional image, keep a corporate look, communicate clearly what Austin Wright does and the core values of the business.

It makes our task much easier when the client can provide all of the content in one go and Mark worked with Sarah Sheasby of The Story Shed to do just that.

Having previously designed the logo, we then decided on a complementary colour palette for the site. A little bit of creativity was required to prevent the site looking text heavy, so we made a simple ‘Hotspot’ graphic for the Blueprint For Change section. On the About page, we used a Toggle block for additional text.

We sourced suitable images for the headers for each page (always an absorbing task) and there were only a few minor text amendments once the design was completed. All in all, a very satisfactory project to work on.

Austin Wright blueprint for change
Austin wright hot spot graphic
Austin Wright collapsible toggle
Austin Wright collapsible toggle open

Please have a look at the Austin Wright website and if you would like to discuss rebranding of your site, do get in touch with us.


Artist’s website

David Bartlett artists website

It was a real pleasure to work on creating this website for the artist, David Bartlett.

The brief was for an online catalogue of David’s work, divided up into several galleries, in a clear and uncluttered format. The website is a record of his life’s work, from his student days to the present. In David’s words:

It takes visitors on a gallery tour through a selection of a lifetime’s art output, where the function of my art practice, has been to chart life’s journey: sensory, emotional and intellectual

Please do have a look at the site – we honestly love the art. It was a challenge to find the best way to create the galleries. After trying several plugins and different options we finally opted for a simple approach to displaying the images. In discussion with David, we divided the work up into three main periods, each with sub-galleries. The page shows a selection of images, appearing as you would view them on the wall in an exhibition, with each image opening in a lightbox for closer viewing.


If you have a yearning to catalogue a life’s work, be it art or any other project or dedication, please contact us to see how we can help.

Creating SEO Guidelines


Creating SEO Guidelines

8th April, 14:00 BST

We’ll be covering hot topics such as:

  • How guidelines can improve SEO success and efficiency
  • Where and how to start
  • Guidelines for content writers, social media, PR teams, and developers
  • Guidelines for small businesses
  • Keeping guidelines up-to-date

Plus we’ll be on hand to answer any questions.

This is the 17th in a series of exclusive webinars we’re running for Nettl customers.
Missed the previous sessions?
Don’t sweat it, we’ve got you covered. Head online to watch on catch up.

Become Famous Locally … outdoors

become famous locally

Will your greatest outdoors help you become famous locally?

Could your business soon be spilling out onto pavements, patios, terraces and rooftops to optimise your outdoor space?

Whether it’s branded signage, shelter, or seating, contact us. We can help you do more in your greatest outdoors.



Quickly transform spaces into an alfresco setting, direct footfall, or section off outdoor areas.



Perfect come rain or shine. Our parasols are printed with fade-resistant inks on a resilient tent fabric to help protect your punters from the elements and create custom spaces.




Use fluttering fabric flags to show you’re open for business. Display your offers and control visitor flow. Signpost collection points, entrances and exits.



We can’t always count on the sun to make an appearance but we can be prepared. Keep guests dry with custom branded umbrellas showcasing your logo.




Create branded outdoor breakout spaces with little hassle. Our range of seats, deckchairs, bean-bags and cubes can be curated to make any space inviting and suitably distanced.


Midweek Wealden in March

With Wendy Mison and Tim Izzard 

We were very pleased to welcome our guest, Wendy Mison on 17th March. You can watch the show on Youtube below. 

Wendy talked about her business, Mison West Property Agents and how technology has changed the property market.

Music was provided by Tim Izzard – we screened a video of one of the tracks from his recent album, Starlight Rendezvous.


If you’d like to download the track or to get in touch with Wendy the links are below.



Tune in to the next Midweek Wealden show on Wednesday 14th April at 12.30 pm on Facebook. Or catchup on Youtube later. 


Article from Nettl

printing.com web screen shot

#1 Embrace e-commerce


No one will ever buy shoes online.

Or at least they didn’t, until Nick Swinmurn, founder of Zappos, believed they would. Free delivery, free returns, unparalleled customer service and 12 years later the Amazon acquisition boast annual revenues of over $2 billion.

So how do you feel about buying a car? Do you enjoy perusing the forecourts? Trying the seats for size? The free coffee, a test drive? (Even if you do have to put up with the ever-so-attentive sales assistant). Let’s face it, once you’re driving the thing around you’re sold, right? Hmm, maybe the thought of the sales process is enough to put some people off, but how can anyone resist that new car smell?

Well, it appears that smell is surplus to pre-sales requirements, as thousands flock to buy their next car online. No fuss, no haggling, no test drive. Just next day delivery. It’s a game-changer.

If you can buy shoes online, and cars online, you can sell your thing online too. Not just ‘can sell’. Must sell.


The relentless march online has been underway for years. £3 of every £10 is now spent online. 50% more than before the pandemic. Ecommerce was already growing substantially. The pandemic simply accelerated things. New online shoppers were forced to try it. And they liked it. Once habits form, behaviour changes forever. It seems certain more sales will happen online. And not just consumers. Because behind every B2B transaction is a human.

And even if you don’t sell products, you should be offering online bookings. Webinars, demos, or free trials. All smoothly transacted online. The successful churches we mentioned earlier all signed up to enable online donations. E-commerce isn’t just essential, it’s a post-pandemic survival skill.

A bonus 4th – Embrace adaptability

Overall, embrace adaptability. Creativity. Persistence.

Where there’s a will there’s a way. While there’s demand, a route exists to make it happen. And if demand has dwindled, then new opportunities will arise.

Don’t give up. We’re here for you now and we’ll be here for you on the other side.