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Austin Wright website

Austin Wright website

The brief for this website was nice and clear. Mark already had the beginnings of a site and needed to rebrand to a smarter, cleaner look. Keywords for the brief were ‘modern’ and ‘contemporary’. The site needed to portray a professional image, keep a corporate look, communicate clearly what Austin Wright does and the core values of the business.

It makes our task much easier when the client can provide all of the content in one go and Mark worked with Sarah Sheasby of The Story Shed to do just that.

Having previously designed the logo, we then decided on a complementary colour palette for the site. A little bit of creativity was required to prevent the site looking text heavy, so we made a simple ‘Hotspot’ graphic for the Blueprint For Change section. On the About page, we used a Toggle block for additional text.

We sourced suitable images for the headers for each page (always an absorbing task) and there were only a few minor text amendments once the design was completed. All in all, a very satisfactory project to work on.

Austin Wright blueprint for change
Austin wright hot spot graphic
Austin Wright collapsible toggle
Austin Wright collapsible toggle open

Please have a look at the Austin Wright website and if you would like to discuss rebranding of your site, do get in touch with us.


Artist’s website

David Bartlett artists website

It was a real pleasure to work on creating this website for the artist, David Bartlett.

The brief was for an online catalogue of David’s work, divided up into several galleries, in a clear and uncluttered format. The website is a record of his life’s work, from his student days to the present. In David’s words:

It takes visitors on a gallery tour through a selection of a lifetime’s art output, where the function of my art practice, has been to chart life’s journey: sensory, emotional and intellectual

Please do have a look at the site – we honestly love the art. It was a challenge to find the best way to create the galleries. After trying several plugins and different options we finally opted for a simple approach to displaying the images. In discussion with David, we divided the work up into three main periods, each with sub-galleries. The page shows a selection of images, appearing as you would view them on the wall in an exhibition, with each image opening in a lightbox for closer viewing.


If you have a yearning to catalogue a life’s work, be it art or any other project or dedication, please contact us to see how we can help.

SEO Academy

Welcome to the SEO Academy

Because of necessity, now more than ever, people are searching online to find the right place to buy. It has never been more important to understand and implement SEO on your website, so that you get found in search results to drive more enquiries through your business.

Our nettl SEO expert sessions are usually reserved for our existing SEO subscribers, but given the significant increase in demand for SEO we thought it would be useful to open these up to every customer to help businesses boost their online presence.


Catch up on our previous free SEO webinars:

(click on the link to take you to our nettl of Eastbourne North site)


If you’d like to discuss your existing website or ask us about creating a brand new site, please do get in touch.

Beautiful and Responsive

we're more mobile - resposive websites


For the first time, we use our mobile phones more than our desktop computers to search for local businesses. That means more of your potential customers are looking for information about your business via their mobile devices.



Websites that automatically reflow and adapt to the screen size they are viewed on. We call these Responsive websites because whatever device they’re displayed on – Mobile, tablet or desktop. It will respond and alter its layout accordingly.


  • Increase Conversions – On mobile and desktop, a responsive website means your visitors’ experience is enhanced. So, it’s more likely they find what they’re looking for.
  • Bigger Audience – Search engines prefer responsive websites. Make sure you appear on Google mobile searches
  • Easy to Edit – Built-in content management system. Easily edit text and update images, at no extra cost.


Showcase your products, photos, premises or your team with striking image galleries. Add ‘lightbox’ functionality so your customers can click and zoom to see larger hi-res versions.


Making it easy for visitors to contact you is vital to get leads from your site. Add forms that work without having to ‘pinch and zoom’. Create drop down menus, radio buttons or text fields to capture what you need.



Integrate Google maps into your site and show exactly where visitors can find you. With zoom and move functionality your customers can navigate with ease on any device, mobile, tablet or desktop. Add videos, facebook feeds, booking links and much more.


Create engaging parallax effects that help you tell the story of your business. Talk to us about how we can use parallax to create striking visual effects.


Ready. Set. Go responsive from £299


We want your web experience to be as smooth and hassle free as possible. To get your site upgraded or to start a new one just pop in to your local printing.com studio for a FREE consultation. We’ll listen to your requirements and talk you through the options.

Here’s what to expect

  • Wireframe – Based upon your design and content needs we’ll work up a sitemap and a wireframe of the layout.
  • Live Proof – Using the wireframe, we’ll build a live working proof for you to test on different devices and screen sizes
  • Launch – Once approved we’ll push your new responsive website live to your new or existing domain

Here is one example we have created with a gallery, contact form, parallax scrolling and buttons. Try viewing it on both desktop and mobile – MitchellsGroundscare.co.uk